March 24


Elevations, slope angles and aspects

7200-10600', angles over 40°, all aspects

Snow conditions

16-20" of settled snow was found from yesterday's storm. There was less snow in Mineral fork and at lower elevations.

Ski cutting produced one shallow fracture


in a small wind pillow. Several point releases were observed later in the day, after the wind increased, once again.


Partly cloudy to overcast with snow beginning about 3 pm. Winds were light in the morning, increasing as the clouds moved in. Gusts to around 30 mph along the ridges by afternoon, from the wnw. Moderate temperatures.


Good stability on all aspects. Increased wind and a weather guess of more snow will likely initiate another round of new snow instability. The refrozen old surface, prior to Monday's snow, could easily be the sliding surface, as snow amounts and drifting deepen and increase.


March 24 journal