March 26

Spruces campground to Millcreek

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6400-10000', angles approaching 40°, all aspects

Snow conditions

12-16" of new snow from the last storm, 32" above last Sunday's surface.


Winds from the northwest during the storm added more loading on lee aspects and scouring on the windward side.Most of the drifting was non reactive to cutting and cornice drops. Late in the day, that changed, with the second on the slope after several ski cuts releasing a slide.


The slide was up to a foot deep and around 80' wide. Elevation was about 8800', aspect ne facing and the slope angle was 38°+.


The slide ran 500' or more into lower angled terrain.


Overcast skies and snow flurries in the morning. Skies cleared later in the day accompanied by winds from the northeast. Those winds were moving snow, especially at upper elevations.



Localized instabilities were found in wind drifted terrain, even at mid elevations. Add the afternoon northeast wind for complexity. Weather guessers suggest sunny skies and warming temperatures so, increase in wet activity would also be expected on sun warmed aspects.


March 26 journal