March 27


Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6200-10400', slope angles over 35°, north, east and west facing aspects

Snow Conditions

Recent storm snow settled nicely to around a foot. Last round of wind from the north-northeast did have an impact


in select areas but,


not widespread. No slides were observed from that wind event.

Cornice falls during the storm reacting to the build up from northwest wind produced extensive shallow slides on easterly aspects.Further testing


was non reactive. Day time heating warmed south, east and west. Several small point release wet slides were observed on southeast facing later in the day. Crusted aspects softened with warming.


Partly cloudy skies, light wind and moderate temperatures.


Stable snow was found.

Instability would be some lingering active wind drifts, especially at upper elevations. Forecast of slightly warmer temperatures will produce further wet slide activity.


March 27 journal