April 1

A little slide

The weather forecast indicated the best chance for snow was later in the day, so a mid morning start was done.

There were spits and sputters of rain changing to snow as the elevation rose, with snow line around 7'000 feet. Reaching the ridge and noting the large cornices, determination was made to ski cut, prior to committing to the slope. The second or third one intitated a slide, onley about 4" deep and 30' wide.

The picture was taken at ground level, showing a few of the cornices.

From a standing position, a better view of the size and depth is seen

Looking up from below, it is evident the slide was user friendly, simply gaining knowledge about snow conditions and the lack of bonding between the old surface and new snow.

The slide ran several hundred vertical feet, with no propagation.

Elevation was about 9'000'. Aspect was northeast facing.

Snowfall began in ernest shortly after. By the time the next slope was reached 4-6" additional snowfall combined with wind

had increased the depth. Another slide triggered in the same manner was 60-70' wide and up to a foot deep.

No pictures, since it was snowing too hard.

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