April 13

I was interested in wet activity and glide cracks-possible slides so, I toured into Cardiff, exiting into Mill B South and finally through Mineral Fork. The wet activity in Cardiff was limited to a few point release sluffs on upper elevation east facing below rock bands.

There were also small diameter rollers on the north facing Cardiac bowl.

At around 12:30, I watched a point release run into the east facing portion of the bowl, north of Cardiac pass It ran, maybe fifty to sixty feet, indicating enough warming had occurred to change aspects.

From the top of Superior, I could see into east facing Broads. Several glide cracks had opened up in the last few days.

One of those had apparently released a portion as a glide avalanche.

The Mill B south ridge was blocking a view of the run out so, the length and size of the slide couldn't be seen. A zoomed view shows a sizable crown, releasing the entire winter snowpack.It's not very big in comparison to the length of the ridge, maybe a hundred feet wide or so?

From the top of the Mineral ridge, I observed another glide crack on the east facing in upper Mill B South.This one hasn't released and is just south of the area called Eeny Meeny Minny Moe.

No wet activity was observed in Mineral Fork, other than the sort pictured above in the Cardiac area. The temperature was however, rising quickly, necessitating an exit around 2 pm.

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