February 28

Spruces-Soldier Fork-Big Water-Spruces

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

7500-9000', angles over 35°, all aspects.

Snow conditions

The recent storm snow has settled to around a foot on the shady side.

Off aspects were a mixed bag of crust, supportable and not so.

Clouds prevented warming, limiting wet activity.

Avalanche activity

Soldier Fork

Average depth was around 12". Looker's left flank had pockets with a depth approaching 2'.


Crown profile


Big Water comparison


Butler basin.


Hard to see the crown, sorry.

Slide was observed in the west-sub drainage of Butler Fork basin, along the ridge leading to the hidden bowl.

Windload on facets.


Partly to mostly cloudy skies, mild temperatures. Winds were light from the west.


Instabilities continue in localized areas retaining the hoar-facet layering.

Mid elevation sheltered, most likely.

Wind drifting is a player at upper elevations.

Day time heating could also promote wet activity


February 28 journal

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