February 6

Willow-Monitors-Mill F east

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

7800-10200', angles over 35°, all aspects

Snow conditions

1-3"new snow with a settled storm total of 8-10". The new snow was of a moderate density, thick and creamy.

There was a little drifting on lee aspect ridges. Ski cutting and cornice drops


resulted in only shallow surface sluffing.

A short period of sun and some greenhousing dampened exposed aspects.

One wet sluff was observed, initiated by a group descending southeast facing after the heating.



Overcast skies with short periods of clearing. Mild temperatures, winds were light.


Good stability was found in the area traveled through.

Finally got a look at the slide in the Meadows which resulted in tragedy.


Would expect some isolated lingering instability, especially in mid elevation terrain, with a shallow snow cover still in the process of healing.


February 6 journal

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