November 15

Willow, Monitors, USA bowl, Mill F east.

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

8000-10400', angles over 40°, all aspects

Snow conditions

4-8" new and recent snow over a variable(dirt and crust) base.

New snow was light density. Mixed and bonded well with the recent November 12 storm.

Sun exposed slopes were melting quickly, even with cool temperatures.

Snow would almost sluff on shady slopes retaining old snow, angles approaching 40°. A few rollers were observed.

Micro areas of well defined surface hoar


were observed and rime hoar


was also noted along the ridges.


Clear skies with cool temperatures. Light wind from the west, less than 15 mph.

Snow pit



Stable snow was found on all aspects at all elevations. Future instability would from any sustained wind and from day time heating.


November 15 journal