November 17

Cardiff, Cardiac ridge

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

7500-10400', angles over 35°, north and east facing

Snow conditions

2-8" recent snow, rapidly melting on the sun exposed. Old snow line hovers around 9k.

Surface hoar growth was pronounced at the lower elevations, decreasing in size as elevation increased.


Faceting of surface-near surface snow continues on shady upper elevations.

Those aspects receiving some sun have dense and creamy, faceting slowed by warming

Pole probing indicated cover on the ridge was 8" recent snow over the thin early November crust, facets over stout late October crust.

The starting zones near the ridge were scoured, with the stout crust reflecting sun over rock


Clrear skies, moderate temperatures and light wind


Stable snow, all aspects and elevations. A few rollers on sun exposed.


November 17 journal