November 19

Millcreek, Porter Fork

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6200-9400', angles over 35°, north facing.

Snow conditions

Porter fork road had several inches of packed snow. Beyond the road, snow cover was 4-12" total.

Old snow line was 8500-9k on shady aspects. 6-8" recent settled snow.


Surface hoar capped all snow.


Partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures, with the inversion cooling lower elevations.

Avalanche activity

Slab rock in main porter had avalanched late in the last storm on facets under the thin melt freeze crust.

The slide ran to the upper breakover, about 600 vertical feet.


Path is greased and waiting for a load.

Snow pit



The entire snow pack has faceted, with the exception of a rotting thin melt freeze crust and a few inches near the ground, lingering from October. Weather guessers have wind followed by a few inches. Amounts are unlikely to provide required load for widespread instability but, it ain't gonna take much in terrain lacking anchors.


November 19 journal