November 22

Bowman trail, Alexander Basin, Gobblers Knob

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6400-10400', angles over 35°, all aspects

Snow conditions

2-4" total snow below about 8k on the shady side. Above that elevation depths ranged from 1-2'. The surface hoar, widespread on November 19 was gone, melted or blown away. Facets associated with the hoar linger, especially above 9k. Alexander Basin has a wind crust, variable in depth, from 1-8", capping faceted snow. The northwest face of Gobblers Knob has only spotty wind crust.

Avalanche activity

Upper Alexander had an old slide, the result of last week's storm, on the eastern flank, north facing. It only ran a few hundred feet. The main bowl did not slide.


Wind drifts would crack and collapse with weighting.


Although sensitive and widespread, little propagation was observed.


Overcast skies and moderate temperatures. Wind was from the south, gusting over 20 mph, stronger along the ridge.

Snow pit



Complexity adds confusion and snow conditions gained complexity from the wind effect. Shady upper elevations will likely have localized instabilities with the addition of new snow. Cracking and collapsing would be key indicators of that instability.


November 22 journal