November 5


Elevations, slope angles and aspects

8300-10500', angles over 35°, north, east and west facing.

Snow conditions

Spring snow. Waxing the skins prevents icing. Snow line had risen to 9000'. 12-24" totals

The snow whales Alta was making in hopes of covering the Crooked Mile were melting into partially skiable patches.

Thick and creamy on shady slopes above 9500'. Corn like on sun exposed slopes retaining actual snow.


Mild tmeperatures. Clear skies turned cloudy later in the day. Winds were from the wsw, with speeds 10-20mph.

Snow Profile



Stable snow on all aspects, at all elevations. Pole probing and snow pits indicate continued faceting of the upper layers.

Mild temperatures are keeping the process in check at present.


November 5 journal