April 23


I started at Porter Fork ascending to the top of Gobblers

descending the southwest face, ascending to the top again and descending the nose out Porter.


It was bluebird in the morning with a bit of south breeze along the ridge. Increasing clouds and a little more wind in the afternoon. Moderate to mild temperatures.


I found a shallow refreeze at the base increasing in depth with ascent. Ski crampons were used to ascend the face in the morning. The melt off was timely as I descended southwest facing about 11:30 on a softened surface. The climb back up indicated a somewhat shallow refreeze, with localized collapsing under the 3-4 inches that had frozen. Pole penetration was around a foot in the area. The northwest face was still refrozen at the summit continuing down about 500 vertical before finding the softening. The increasing clouds eliminated the sun, hampering a melt off. Supportable snow was found on the exit to the trail. Lower elevations had thawed and had some isolated unsupportable areas, mainly in tree cover.

I had a look at the Broads, Mill B south and Mineral areas from the ridge. Activity in Mineral and Mill B was limited to surface point release and sluffing. A new glide slide was noted in Broads with a photo page describing the activity here.

Bottom Line:

Continued clear skies provided another refreeze, although shallow. Wet activity has been fairly minimal with in recent snow layering. Current weather forecast indicates a continuance of that pattern.


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