April 23

Glide revisited

I'd seen a couple of glide cracks and a slide on the April13th. After all the warm weather, another look seemed appropriate. A good view of Broads can be had from the top of Gobblers, so that's where I went.

The earlier slide is on the lookers right. A new slide can be seen just to the left of the first one.

A slightly zoomed view shows both slides, a bit of sluffing and a smaller glide down low. The cracks have also increased in size

This picture was zoomed on the computer and a screen shot copy taken, for a better perspective on the movement.

The glide crack I'd seen in Mill B south appears stationary.

With moderate temperatures and probable refreeze of the snow pack forecast for the coming week, I'd expect stabilizing till the next warming period.

An update of the activity, observed on May 2, can be found here.


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