May 2

A glide slide update

I toured the Mill A and Porter fork area on April 29. From the top of Gobblers a good view of Broads is obtained. This photo was taken in the morning, from the summit of Raymond.

It shows a recent large glide avalanche starting above what's called the Diving Board. Sometime in the early afternoon, I observed a bit more activity from the summit of Gobblers.

It appeared the area just south of mid slope Bonkers, lookers lower right, was also moving from daytime heating.

I had the opportunity to travel through Broads and Mill B south on May 3. The following photos were taken that day.

The area above the bridge and below the upper Broads basin has a few rock slabs. Several of these had glide cracks, with movement.

A closer look at one of the cracks has a reflection from the snow above on the rock slab. The overnight refreeze iced up free water running down the slab.

Entering the bottom of the upper basin, I first noted that, indeed the Bonkers area had a new glide slide.

It may have run on the afternoon of April 29 or a day after. Here's a closer look.

A zoomed view clearly shows the rock slab promoting glide.

The view of the upper basin shows yet another glide avalanche, since the photos from the top of Gobblers.

There's a secondary ridge, looker's left, allowing ascent up the basin, without much hazard from slides, especially during the morning hours, so I was able to take a photo looking up from below.

This photo shows the recent glide, looker's right pulling more snow from the area of the April 13 glide avalanche and the slide viewd on April 23, looker's left.

From the shoulder of Dromedary all three slides on the rock slabs can be seen, along with more opening cracks above and adjacent to the slides.

I skied into the west branch of Mill B south, hoping for a close look at the glide crack I'd seen on the 13th. Just above Lake Florence, I discovered a couple of cracks on smaller slabs.

The photo was taken before noon,. I spent a couple of hours ascending to the ridge above Tanners, sking down the north facing. Traversing to the east for a descent on colder west facing, I had a good view of the earlier glide cracks.

The little ones are in the lower left of photo, with the lowest, glistening in the afternoon sun, free water running down the slab.The large crack from April 13 is seen upper middle looker's right, with a point release and slab just left.

A closer look,

shows the crack slowly moving downhill, without release as a slide.

On My 6 I was once again on top of Superior, able to see into Broads.

The photo shows a little widening of the remaining cracks, but as yet, no further avalanches.